Saturday Breakfast Club

Once a month on a Saturday we meet up for breakfast and a natter. We try to spread our venues around so we don’t always go to the same place and the venues vary from Diners to Pubs to Biker Cafes. We usually meet between 9 and 10 am and stay as long as you want. If the weather is good, we may do an impromptu ride out or go on to other organised events. There are no rules, just come along, eat, don’t eat, ride, drive, walk, bring your dog. We don’t care, as long as you’re there.


Please see the Calendar or Upcoming Ride-outs page for more information,

or email Ian Davis.


Due to the latest update regarding Covid-19 we will be postponing both Wednesday and Saturday Clubs for the foreseeable future as well as Chapter nights.

We will keep you informed as we have updates.